Celeste: Matt Thorson Currently Has No Plan for a Sequel

Celeste Unveiled

After the adventure of Celeste with yesterday’s arrival of the free DLC Farewell, those who appreciated the amazing platform developed by Matt Thorson and Noel Berry are wondering if the game will ever welcome the arrival of a sequel.

Unfortunately, as stated on the IGN.com microphones, the author of Celeste does not currently have any plans for making a sequel to the game:

“Maybe in the future, we will change our mind, but right now we won’t know how to do justice to a sequel. And then, we are much more interested in making something completely new for our next publication. 

Quite frankly, Thorson then added that the real reason why the Farewell DLC was distributed for free is that Celeste totaled – against the most optimistic expectations of the team – nearly one million copies sold, thus putting the developers in a position very comfortable:

“[The success] allowed us to act according to our terms. First of all, we should absolutely charge it. We don’t like to think that an expansion of this magnitude should be distributed for free. We want our audience to be clear that we are launching it for free because we are in a very favorable position at the moment, and that it is not a reasonable thing to expect this from any developer, including us in the future”.

Celeste is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Have you already downloaded Chapter 9 of the game?