Daemon X Machina: The Struggle Between Immortal and Humanity in the New Nintendo Game Trailer


With the release date of the game now very near, Nintendo has decided to publish a new and engaging trailer dedicated to Daemon X Machina.

The movie, titled ” Mission Zero “, introduces the game universe of the new Nintendo Switch exclusive: you can view it directly at the opening of this news. In about four minutes, we learn how the Immortals, cruel machines, threaten the very survival of humanity. The latter has in fact corrupted the advanced artificial intelligence created by humans following the dramatic event of the collapse of the Moon. The hope that men and women had placed in it has now turned into terror, into a world tormented by an endless war.

Within Daemon X Machina, players will play a young member of the Reclaimer, an elite armed body that tries to cope with the crisis situation facing the human race. With a colossal mech supplied, called Arsenal, it will be necessary to confront dangerous adversaries and carry out several missions. To get an idea of ​​what awaits you in the title, you can take advantage of the new demo of Daemon X Machina, available for download on Nintendo Switch. On the pages of Evereyeye, you can also find our proven Daemon X Machina: the game will debut on the Nintendo console next September 13th.