EA Opens Tests for Project Atlas Cloud Gaming Service


Electronic Arts announced that it has launched tests for the Project Atlas cloud gaming service. The tests will last two weeks, the test will allow developers to gather valuable feedback to be used to improve the platform.

At the moment, the participants in the test phase can try four different games: Need for Speed ​​RivalsTitanfall 2Unravel and FIFA 19. Ken Moss, technical manager of Electronic Arts, presents the tests of Project Atlas: “we will work to improve the service based on community feedback, our goal is to collect valuable opinions from a large part of the community. “

At the moment, according to Moss, Electronic Arts is focused on testing PC games on the cloud, the company will carefully evaluate the performance on other unspecified devices. In any case, it is at the moment too early to talk about it, Project Atlas is in fact in an experimental phase and its commercial debut seems to be a long way off.

If you are interested in any way you can register on the Electronic Arts site simply by logging in with your EA account, the publisher will select the largest number of users for his tests, which we will continue for the next two weeks.