eSport will generate global revenues surpassing $1 billion this year


For the past three years, eSport has attracted attention beyond its microcosm and appeared on the radar of many stakeholders whose activities are more or less close to the video game industry: media and TV, communication groups, major consumer brands, casinos.

This attraction comes from the rather sudden awareness of the importance of the phenomenon among several generations of players but especially among millennials or digital natives.

According to Newzoo, they represent at least 50% of the audience of the main eSport titles (LoL, CS: GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, Hearthstone).

In recent years, eSport has seen its prizes become more and more important and recently the OG Dota 2 team has won for the second consecutive time the international Valve tournament, The International 2019, beating Team Liquid 3-1. Even if winning a second consecutive time is already a feat, it is especially the $15,6 billion prize that is the most impressive since it is the largest sum to be won in the history of eSport.

We thought it to be a good opportunity to take a look at the impressive growth of the eSports sector in recent years and where eSport stands today.

Find out key facts and figures on the booming eSport industry in the following infographic:

eSports - Entering center stage

eSports – an Infographic by hotukdeals