Gears 5: No Compromise on the Framerate, Word of the Coalition

Gears 5

Recently interviewed by GameSpot USA, the technical director of The Coalition revealed some details regarding the graphic and technical sector of Gears 5, with particular focus on the framerate.

On Xbox One the Gears 5 campaign runs at 30fps, the same value as Gears of War 4 released in 2016, despite this, the studio has taken some precautions to make the most of the basic version of the Xbox hardware. As for multiplayer, all modes run at 60 fps on standard consoles while on Xbox One X the game is able to guarantee 4K 60 fps in any situation (multiplayer and campaign).

Colin Penty makes it known that the studio did not want to compromise with the framerate, something that happened at the time of Gears of War 4: ” when we started the development of Gears 5 we decided that the campaign would have to run at 60 fps on Xbox One X. We didn’t want to go below this value, in Gears 4 we had provided two options, 1080p / 60 fps or 4K / 30 fps but to do so it took a lot of work and I don’t think it was worth it, so we preferred to exploit to the full potential of Xbox One X. “

Gears 5 is now available on Xbox One and PC, the game of The Coalition has received praise from Digital Foundry.