Gears 5: Useful guide and tricks for Multiplayer, Horde and Fugue

Gears 5

If you are among the owners of the Ultimate Edition of Gears 5 or, more simply, you are part of the large group of subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, then it is very likely that you have already completed the campaign and want to try your hand at one of the many modes PvP or PvE multiplayer .

After having proposed the guide for the Gears 5 campaign, then, here is a series of indications that could help you face OrdaFuga and the classic multiplayer.


Before going into the details of the individual modes, which boast unique characteristics that could push the player to adopt completely different styles of play, let’s start with a couple of tips that we could define as “universal”. Whether you’re fighting in the Horde mode or running away from an angry boss in Fugue, having control over your surroundings and taking advantage of every single shelter is essential. Being constantly safe behind the inevitable wall and at the same time being dynamic is a necessary condition to be able to emerge victorious even from the most difficult situations. The place to remain covered by enemy bullets does not always have to be the same and it is very important that you change it according to the number of opponents around you and their position, since only one of them, coming from the wrong side, he might be able to hit you perfectly even though you feel safe.

The other element that makes the difference in any game mode is the ability to always complete the Active Reload successfully. Being able to reload the weapons perfectly every time not only shortens the time before you can return to fire on the enemy but activates various bonuses that could, for example, allow you to temporarily expand the magazine or inflict a greater amount of damage than usual. If you want to learn more about the mini-game linked to the Active Top-up, we recommend reading the Gears 5 campaign guide, where you can find all the details on how to perfectly replace the bullets inside the magazine.

Player versus PvP player

If you like the comparison with other players, the PvP mode of Gears 5 is exactly what is right for you and, as you can easily imagine, having the best in this kind of game is not easy. The first step towards victory consists in quickly learning the structure of each single map and, more importantly, memorizing the exact places in which some powerful weapons such as the Longshot and the Arco Torque appear, at regular intervals, instruments of death that in the right hands they could really decide the fate of a match.

If you’re playing as a team instead, another very useful tip is to always keep an eye on the position of your teammates, especially if you can’t communicate with them via voice chat. The perfect tool, in this case, is the Tac-Com, which allows the player to see the shape of their allies beyond the walls, so as to immediately understand if they are fighting or are still looking for some opponent to be eliminated by Lancer.

Hunting the Horde

As in any self-respecting Gears of War, even Gears 5 offers in the package the inevitable Horde mode, which adds to what already seen in the fourth chapter some typical elements of the “hero shooter”. In addition to the return of the Manufacturer and the possibility of placing very useful traps that allow thinning out the numerous hordes of enemies at each round, the choice of the character to be used must be taken into consideration very well.

Each of the soldiers available to the player can take up any type of weapon and there is, therefore, no difference between them from this point of view. What distinguishes the various selectable heroes is their Ultimate and their passive ability. Selecting JD Fenix for example, you can get extra ammunition by scoring a series of headshots and, activating the Ultimate, you will recall a very powerful airstrike that will damage your opponents in a limited area. In order to get the best of the highest difficulties, it will not be enough to know how to shoot but you will also have to select your character very carefully so that his skills can come into perfect synergy with those of his teammates.

It should also be noted that each hero has his own level of experience which can be increased even if he continues to select him in the game. Increasing the level of your favourite character can be very beneficial, as you can unlock several improvements that can make a difference. In case you are undecided about your “main hero”, in the customization screen you can take a look at the characteristics of each character and the bonuses that you get by raising the level.

Run away fools!

The real novelty of the Gears 5 multiplayer sector is precisely the Escape mode, which completely distorts what we saw in the Horde and puts the players in a tight spot in a sort of dungeon, from which they will have to manage to escape with a few weapons and ammunition available. Surviving the Fugue mode will not be easy at all and, increasing the difficulty, modifiers will begin to arrive that will make enemies more aggressive, ammunition scarcer and health recovery much slower.
To overcome all these problems, the first piece of advice we can give you is the same as for the Horde: increase the level of the various characters and learn their characteristic abilities. Even in this mode, there are unique characters not only in appearance but also in skills to be used in battle, which could once again be of fundamental importance if combined wisely.

An excellent strategy to put into practice is also to collect completely different weapons from those of one’s companions. In doing so, there will be no need to fight over who should collect the ammunition dropped from the last eliminated enemy and everyone will always have a fair amount of bullets available. In any case, it is always good to try to take out weaker enemies with body-to-body attacks, since the ammunition in the Escape mode is invaluable and it is better not to waste them.


In the third-person titles like Gears 5, the eye also wants its part and, consequently, it will surely be a pleasure to unlock camouflage for weapons and alternative skins for the characters through the opening of supply cases. Unless you want to buy aesthetic elements with a credit card, in fact, you will have to accumulate these chests with the hope of finding something you like inside them. Playing the various modes you will get experience points that will fill a dedicated indicator and, upon completion, you will receive a Supply. It will be possible to speed up the release of loot boxes with the Boost XP on sale in the store and, if you are in possession of the Ultimate Edition or the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, at the first start of the game a bonus will be activated lasting 45 days.