Google Stadia: Details on Cross-Progression, Demo and Support for Mod

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During a recent interview granted to StadiaCast, John Justice, Head of Product for Google Stadia, he shared some interesting considerations about the project.

In particular, among the focus of the chat, we find the implementation of cross-progression services. Justice said the Google team is trying to make this feature available for as many titles as possible. ” We are trying to do it with every single title we bring to Stadia – he declared – It’s something we see as an essential piece of the next-gen. We are trying to carry forward the idea that the next-gen is a question of openness [. ..] “. However, he continues, ” Not all gaming platforms completely agree with us on this, and some of them agree with some titles and not others .”

The implementation of additional features is also part of Google’s plans for its gaming platform, John Justice said. Among these, for example, free game demos or the possibility of introducing mod support for some titles. Also mentioned is a parental control system. Unfortunately, Justice has not offered more detailed information on these issues.

Pending more information on what features will be supported by Stadia, at launch or later, we remind you that during the dedicated event held during the Gamescom, new games were announced for Google Stadia, in addition to confirmation of the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077 on Google Stadia.