Is Gears 5 “Too Light”? Let’s Try to Find out in the Video Comparison With Gears of War 2

Gears 5 ESPORT

Despite the excellent results achieved by The Coalition with Gears 5, many fans of Gears of War complain of a certain “lightness” in the combat system of the blockbuster shooter from Microsoft. A YouTuber has thus tried to compare Gears of War 2 with the new Gears 5.

In fact, according to some fans of the iconic GOW saga born under the aegis of Cliff Bleszinski and Epic Games, the new Gears 5 would not seem to offer the same level of immersion guaranteed by the “heaviness” of the combat system of the past chapters.

Through this interesting comparative video made by the curator of the Crowbcat YouTube channel, in fact, we note how the gameplay scenes of the unforgettable Gears of War 2 are dominated by a greater physicality in the representation and in the in-game feeling offered by the bursts of bullets and by the attacks on the white weapon brought with the devastating chainsaw of the Lancer rifle.

Also from a strictly visual and artistic point of view, Gears 5 also shows a lower “level of gore” represented by the sudden disappearance of blood after killing an enemy: to be criticized by some Gears of War fans are also the ragdoll and the “lightness” in the animations delegated to manage the movements of the characters and the recharging system of the weapons appeared. Did you also encounter these “problems” playing the Gears 5 Campaign and multiplayer modes? Please let us know with a comment, but please refer to our Gears 5 guide first with lots of tips to face the challenges of the Campaign both in single and in the cooperative.