Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Will Have 20 Pre-Installed Games


SNK has announced that the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro will have 20 pre-installed games and can be used in two modes, as a stand-alone console or as a joystick for PC and SNK Neo Geo Mini.

It is in effect a Fighting Stick made with the Neo Geo controller components, Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro can be connected to the PC and Neo Geo Mini to be used as an external joystick or directly to the TV, in this case with access immediate to twenty classic SNK preloaded in the internal memory.

Unfortunately, there are no other details on the lineup, SNK has confirmed that the product will be launched worldwide but has not communicated information such as release date and price. We’ll probably know more this week during the Tokyo Game Show scheduled from 12 to 15 September.

The company is currently working on various Neo Geo hardware with the aim of making the platform known to a wider audience, Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro and Neo Geo Mini are only the first two products of the “newline” SNK Neo Geo and other announcements will follow in the coming months.