Nintendo Switch: English court requires the blocking of the most important pirate sites

Nintendo Switch Leader in the USA for Hardware and Software Sales in 2019

The judge of a court in the United Kingdom decides to accept the request made by Nintendo’s lawyers to counter the phenomenon of piracy on Switch by blocking access to the most important pirate sites active in the sector.

The English high court has thus given reason to Nintendo in the long legal battle unleashed by the increase in the phenomenon of piracy on Switch resulting from the discovery, by the crackers, of a security flaw in the boot system of the console of the house of Kyoto which allowed the loading of unauthorized programs as emulators for retrogaming and, in fact, unlocked copies of Switch video games currently on the market.

The ruling issued by the Britannic judgments will, therefore, impose on major internet providers in the United Kingdom such as TalkTalk, Virgin Media, EE, Sky and BT block the access of their customers to the four sites (and related subdomains) reported by Nintendo.

In the work to contrast, the piracy of the Japanese videogame giant also include the interventions made on the latest firmware and, above all, on the hardware revisions that involved the most recent Nintendo Switch models and will involve the imminent Nintendo Switch Lite.