Overwatch: A Pro Player Explains Why the “Role Lock” Hurts the Title and More


As we know Blizzard has decided to implement the block of roles in Overwatch. This means that every composition on paper should be more balanced than in the past. Many, however, believe that this new feature does not do so well for the general health of the title.

A player of the San Francisco Shock, Overwatch League franchise, iddqd stated that the role blocking function is the cause of the streaming crisis (according to his experience on his own channel) of the title. ” What is killing the game for me right now, what keeps me from being able to properly stream Overwatch is basically this: I know I won’t be able to play with my DPS. I can’t play my DPS anymore .”

Iddqd has always been known for his great skill as a DPS. However, with the implementation of the block of roles, it is increasingly becoming a challenge to face a competitive match like DPS, due to the players’ high preference for Tank and Support.

” No one wants to watch a streamer, whether you’re really good at the game or a former professional if you can’t find a game in two hours, ” he explained.

It seems, in short, that the block of roles has caused a drastic increase in the time spent in the lobby trying to find an adequate match. The role of DPS, in particular, can be on standby for hours, so the frustration for the main DPS is understandable.

It seems that not only streamer and content creators are suffering from a drop in viewers during streaming on Twitch, but also Overwatch League itself has recorded a steady decline throughout the 2019 season.

We will see, now, with the arrival of the Switch version if the Blizzard hero shooter will be able to win back the favor of the public.