Rainbow Six Siege: incredible changes for the new season

Rainbow Six Siege

With the release of Operation Ember Rise, will Rainbow Six Siege become more balanced? The arrival of the classic pre-season update seems to testify in this regard. The update brings with it a portfolio of changes to operators that are quite important but also risky.

Despite the previous Operation, Phantom Sight tried to propose some substantial novelties in the gaming sector with Nøkk and Warden, the two grafts never really managed to win the favour of the public and professional players.

The new operators, Goyo and Amaru, seem fascinating enough to be able to tickle players of all ranks. The new season, as we said, will see the introduction of a good amount of gameplay changes.

This time, the Canadian development team has left room not only for the new shield but also for some general improvements that will enhance some operators, as well as significant change the loadout of some.

The utility changes confirmed on arrival with Operation Ember Rise include updates for SmokeGlazDokkaebi. The change for Smoke is significant because it will be able to count on the new mobile shield.

Glaz and Dokkaebi, instead, instead of stuns (for Dokkaebi) and claymore (for Glaz) will have both frags. Strange enough for Glaz who, after the previous rework, could receive the final blow, bidding farewell to the active role in the compositions of the teams. Grenades for Dokkaebi, on the other hand, seem a good solution to make it more lethal in combination with its annoying hack.

To receive the frags there will also be MaestroMira and Lesion, who will lose the opportunity – not just – to take advantage of the shelter offered by the very useful mobile shield. The lesion will have the worst for the loadout: a bullet-proof room. Will they all be forced to mobility?

Nokk, on the other hand, will receive the claymore. Very sensible choice, since this will be able to close the enemy roamer, covering his shoulders. Warden will have a boost. The team, in fact, aims to “lighten” the operator to make it less subject to the malus related to its massive size and its distinctive ability. Warden, in any case, promises to still be too situational and we are sure that the pick rate will remain very low.

One of the most obvious changes, however, will be the increase in placement and disengagement times: from five to seven seconds. Two more seconds are really a lot and they will surely change the way you set the matches.

Now we just have to wait impatiently for the third season to arrive!