Red Dead Online, not just Professions: skill cards, better animations and much more


Not just Professions, Clubs and Outlaw Pass: the new Red Dead Online update, one of the biggest ever for the online component of the Rockstar western, has also introduced a bunch of other news, ranging from new content to gameplay refinements. Let’s find out in detail.

The update contains some fundamental changes to the character animation system, aimed at giving greater responsiveness and improving movement, especially in competitive games. Specifically, we are talking about faster animations to rummage, tie and revive, launches, dives, climbs and faster swims, faster-crouching movement, smoother shooting movement, aiming and management of improved weapons, more efficient and new visuals moves like the shoulder – can be activated with the R2 / RT pressure during the active run – and the tackle – activated with B / Circle.

Among the innovations there are also the possibility to modify the appearance of the character for free once (the following ones require a small sum) and as many as 9 new skill cards, namely: Shooter, Kick in the ass, Fight in blood, Friends for the skin, Progressive resistance, iron lung, gunslinger style (exclusive PS4), union is strength (exclusive PS4) and faster than wind (exclusive PS4).

It’s not over yet: new daily challenges, rewards, emotes, additional slots for clothes, changes to the selling prices of jewels and, above all, numerous gameplay balances based on community requests, such as the increase damage resistance when using Defensive play style, increased damage for all projectile weapons and reduced long-distance headshot damage. Furthermore, from now on, Red Dead Online will ask for the preferred Game Style at every start.