Red Dead Online: Professions on the frontier and the Outlaw Pass are available

Red Dead Online,

As promised, Rockstar Games has published one of the most important updates ever for Red Dead Online, which introduces the long-awaited Professions of the Frontier, a series of activities focused on specialized Roles that players will be asked to play to obtain rewards and unlock specific skills.

There are three specialized roles introduced: the Bounty Hunter, the Merchant and the Collector. Each develops differently and offers unique unlockable experiences and rewards like new abilities, useful items, clothing, weapons, horses and more. Each Role emphasizes a different game dynamic, allowing you to savour every facet of the world of Red Dead Online, and also offers a new series of Free Roam events, Daily Challenges and other exclusive features to earn money and experience, which can be used to develop customized own characters and reflect their progress in individual Roles.

Bounty hunters capture known criminals and deliver them alive or dead to the law in exchange for rewards. To pursue this career you must meet the legendary bounty hunter at Rhodes and purchase a Bounty Hunter License. The role of Merchant can be undertaken by starting a small business at the camp to buy and sell goods, procuring raw materials like furs and skins and creating items to sell. To begin with, you need to pick up the mail to find out from the Cripps custodian how to enter into a commercial agreement with him and the new Cripps shop, starting with an investment in a butcher table (free for PS4 players). The Collector role is perfect for players with a flair for exploring rare objects. To start, you need to visit the mysterious travelling vendor Madame Nazar and purchase the Collector’s Bag, which can also be obtained for free by collecting the 54 hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 playing cards in GTA Online. Players who obtain the Exchange have access to a collector’s map showing the areas containing collectable items.

In addition to the frontier professions, Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Club also makes its debut, a new feature of Red Dead Online that unlocks free Club rewards in the course of progress along 70 ranks. Prizes include new clothes and accessories, a weapon cover, cash bonus prizes, supplies, a new walking style, a new emote, ammunition, camp accessories and more. The Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. club will be active until November 18th. All items unlocked with the Club Pass are permanent.

It’s not over yet. Rockstar Games has also introduced the Outlaw Pass, an optional improvement that offers Pass Rewards in addition to the free ones offered by the 70 ranks of Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Club. The Outlaw Pass can be purchased with 35 Gold Bars and allows to obtain, progressing in the ranks, up to 35 Gold Ingots, 550 RDO $ and the following rewards: limited edition clothes, clothing and accessories, increases in PE of the Roles, treasure maps, provisions, camp flags, horse masks, ammunition, unique aesthetic changes for weapons, special coupons for free use of a series services, products for horse care, clothes for Cripps, poses for the photographic studio, backgrounds for the photographic studio, buckles, walking styles, emotes, harmonica pieces and 2 mysterious objects . 

The Outlaw Pass will be active until November 18th. As the rewards of the Wheeler Club, Rawson, & Co., all items unlocked with the Pass are permanent.