The Amazing Remnant From the Ashes Will Soon Receive Two Important Updates

The Amazing Remnant

Without resting on the laurels of the excellent results achieved with the launch of Remnant From the Ashes, the Texan developers of Gunfire Games promise to further improve the playful offerings of their post-apocalyptic shooter with a soulslike element with two ambitious updates.

The first update that will interest all fans of the title starting Thursday, September 12 will introduce the Adventure Mode, a feature that will allow the investigators of the nightmare of Remnant From the Ashes to face new challenges within the main campaign. Through the Adventure Mode, it will be possible to test yourself with unpublished enemies and the grimmest bosses of the levels explored up to that moment, all with the aim of evolving your equipment and acquiring the experience necessary to continue in the plot.

The second update is scheduled for launch on Thursday 19 September: once downloaded, it will allow us to immerse ourselves in the dark atmosphere of Leto ‘s Laboratory, the research installation directed by Leto Apostolakis to study the properties of the mysterious red crystals. Both the first and the second updates will be completely free, just like all the other promising updates from Gunfire Games with the extensive post-launch Remnant support.