The Last of Us 2 Media Event: Will We Find the Release Date on September 24th?

The Last Of Us 2

During the night, Canadian journalist and host Geoff Keighley shared a special invitation for a The Last Of Us Part II Media Event to be held in Los Angeles on September 24th. But what is it exactly?

As the name suggests, the event will only be open to selected members of the American and international press, who will probably be able to try the Naughty Dog game first-hand.

And what about the public? In all likelihood, Sony is preparing a surprise for the Outbreak Day which will be held every year on September 26th. The most likely hypothesis is that of a trailer with the release date, while a new gameplay video could be shared later, perhaps during the conference at the Paris Games Week at the end of October or during the PlayStation Experience in early December, events but not yet confirmed by the publisher.

The times now seem to be natural to announce the release date of The Last of Us 2 , according to some rumors the game will be released in February 2020 while other items speak of a launch scheduled for May / June next year on PS4 / PS4 PRO, with a PlayStation 5 version available at the end of the year as Sony’s next-gen console launch game.

At the moment, in any case, the only certainty is that the TLOU2 Media Event will be held on September 24th in Los Angeles, the above is only the result of speculations that we invite you to take with due precautions.