The Psycho and the Calypso Twins of Borderlands 3 Come to Life in a Beautiful Cosplay!

Borderlands Game of the year

A few days after the launch of Borderlands 3, the models that jointly run the Instagram channel of Mary & Feinobi team up with a Psycho bandit to accompany the imminent release of the highly anticipated blockbuster shootbox from Gearbox Software with a splendid cosplay.

The artistic project carried out by the two content creators of the Czech Republic, and their friend Psycho, draws inspiration from the numerous images of Borderlands 3 given to us in recent months by the authors following Randy Pitchford to help fans of the sci-fi saga of the Crypt Hunters to make cosplay extremely loyal to their digital counterparts.

The dynamic duo of Mary & Feinobi has thus tried to take on the appearance of Tyreen and Troy, the ruthless Calypso Twins to whom we will hunt down Pandora and the other alien worlds of Borderlands 3 for the duration of the main campaign. Take a look at their work and let us know what you think of these cosplayers admiring the images you find at the bottom of the news and on the pages of the Instagram channel of the two cosplayers.

The release of Borderlands 3 is scheduled for September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.