Xbox Hardware Scarlett: The Coalition confirms the presence of the Ray Tracing cores

The Price of the Xbox Scarlett Will Be Announced Soon, Promises Microsoft

Discussing with GameSpot journalists the technological challenges faced by Gears 5 and the graphic potential of Scarlett, the Technical Art Director of The Coalition, Colin Penty, confirmed an important feature of the Microsoft next-gen console hardware.

While merely stating that “we have nothing to announce at this time about the new hardware and the future of Gears,” the author of the Canadian subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios has indeed let slip that “I am very excited about what the new hardware could offer us. Having dedicated Ray Tracing cores is really a huge thing. 

The important clarification of Colin Penty confirms, albeit indirectly, the willingness of Microsoft to equip every Xbox Scarlett with hardware capable of dedicated management of the most advanced features of dynamic and real-time Ray Tracing lighting technology, without offering unified solutions that would have negatively impacted performance.

The presence of specific cores for the Ray Tracing, consequently, makes the theories of the operators in the sector and of many developers (such as those of Metro Exodus and Detroit Become Human ) even more likely, who say they are certain of the fact that it will be the technology of lighting in DXR the hallmark of future consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and this without considering the advantages (all still to be evaluated) offered by the SS5 of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.