Capcom Wins a Lawsuit Against Koei Tecmo and a Compensation of 1.5 Million Dollars

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Capcom and Koei Tecmo had long been in dispute after the Japanese videogame giant had accused it of plagiarism, and now the legal proceeding has ended with compensation of one and a half million dollars that will be credited to the same Capcom.

The study that produced masterpieces such as the Resident Evil series just to name one, had sued Koei Tecmo for infringing in particular on two patents, concerning the way to import and unlock content from an old title in a new game, and a particular way to make the controller vibrate to warn the players of the approach of the enemies.

This is a case that began in 2014, but the judge at the time had recognized Capcom the payment only as regards the infringement of the second patent, while a subsequent appeal then further justified the Japanese company.

In a statement, the publisher stated: “Capcom has always been committed to improving the experience of its customers and expanding the gaming industry, promoting the effective use of its patents through methods such as licenses while safeguarding the inventions associated with each of his titles “ . Satisfaction therefore rightly expressed by the company. What do you think of the story?