Civilization 6 Welcomes Red Death, a New Free Battle Royale Mode

Civilization 6

From today also Civilization 6 has a Battle Royale mode: it is called Red Death and can be downloaded for free by all PC game owners. The new modality has been presented with an announcement trailer published by Firaxis: you can find it at the top of the news.

The Red Death mode is set in a post-apocalyptic land full of ruined cities, corrosive waters and a radioactive ring that narrows slowly throughout the game. The developers promise intense multiplayer matches based on the Battle Royale formula, where the last player to stay alive on the battlefield wins.

The matches can accommodate 2 to 12 players, each of whom can choose from a wide range of factions. Each faction will offer different benefits and will allow you to control different units composed of pirates, mutants, scientists, athletes and so on.

Compared to the classic mode, in Red Death, there is no civilization to drive and no structure construction is planned. Each participant has the task of protecting a single civil unit on the map. If one of these is killed or captured, then it will be out of the game games. If instead, the last unit remains alive, it will be taken to space to start a new life among the stars.

Recall that the new Red Death mode is available starting today for all owners of Civilization 6, completely free as part of the September update. To learn more about the new features introduced with the new update, you can read the related official changelog.