Control: The New Patch Is Available, Promises to Solve Performance Problems

Control: A DLC Coming up

The authors of Remedy keep their word and, a few days after the launch of Control, finally make the first “major patch” of their ambitious Metroidvania available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One: with this update, the Finnish developers promise to solve the more serious performance problems.

Thanks to this update, already downloadable on PlayStation 4 and about to arrive on PC and Xbox One, the authors following Sam Lake claim to have intervened in the most annoying issues that emerged from the release of Control.

With the September 10 update, in fact, Jesse Faden’s emulators should find a significantly lower number of bugs, glitches, and crashes in the most exciting game phases. Also according to the new patch, we should also see an improvement in performance and stability on all platforms, especially on consoles and, in this case, on standard PS4 and Xbox One S (as well as on Xbox One “base”). Even users with a mid-gen console, whether PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, should notice a more stable framerate.

As for the PC user, the update in question intervenes on the numerous crashes found both on DirectX 11 and on DX12, regardless of the desire to activate the excellent Ray Tracing features of Control. Let us know with a comment if you notice any improvements to Control’s performance by exploring the Oldest House after installing this important patch.