Discounts PS4 for the TGS 2019: The Big in Japan Sale of the PlayStation Store USA Is Starting


The leaders of Sony decided to celebrate the imminent opening of the Tokyo Game Show 2019 with the Big Sale Japan of PlayStation Store. The promotion, for the moment aimed only at the US public, provides a very rich series of discounts on the best PS4 games in Japanese videogame production.

The Sony Interactive Entertainment initiative involves all the major developers of the volcanic Japanese scene, allowing fans to celebrate the TGS 2019 with discounts of up to 60% on the usual list price.

The videogames affected by the Big Store in Japan of the PS Store USA are so many and include the splendid Sekiro Shadows Die Twice from From Software, the long-awaited JRPG of Square Enix Kingdom Hearts 3, the terrifying Resident Evil 2 remake , the acrobatic Devil May Cry 5 and the popular asymmetric multiplayer horror film Dead by Daylight .

Also, thanks to the TGS 2019 sales, PS4 and PS3 users can get interesting discounts on all the main chapters of the Resident Evil series, Dark Souls, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Soul Calibur. The Big in Japan sales of the American PlayStation Store are already active and will be until September 24th. We are waiting to find out if and when the discounts in question will also arrive on the European and Italian PS Store: in the meantime, we remind you that the Sale on EA’s PS4 games are currently available, with offers that allow users to buy lots of Electronic games. Arts for less than 5 and 15 euros.