Disney May Also Close or Sell Foxnext Games

Foxnext Games

The 20th Century Fox division related to the publication and development of video games, FoxNext Games, could soon be closed or put on the market. This is what emerges from some statements by Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, in line with the strategies of the giant regarding gaming.

The study is, in fact, one of the many properties passed into the hands of the company after the acquisition of Fox by Disney, but it seems that the house of Mickey Mouse is not interested in publishing its own video games.

Disney had already decided to sell its game studios, including Avalanche Software, the authors of the Disney Infinity series. This is because Iger had chosen to focus the company’s efforts on licensing, rather than on development itself.

“Over the years we have tried to publish on our own, we have bought and sold companies, we have acquired and closed development studies. And we realized that we are not very good at self-publishing, but we were very skilled in the licensing side, which of course do not require special efforts from an economic point of view “, Iger said.

Future uncertain for FoxNext Games and consequently also for Cold Iron Studios, controlled by it, a Californian studio currently working on an Alien- based MMO. FoxNext Games had also founded Fogbank Entertainment, which also reflects hours of uncertainty.

We’ll see.