FIFA 20 Demo: Guide to Controls in Attack, Defense and Movement


Finally, the FIFA 20 demo is available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In this mini-guide, we will explain how the controls of the game in attack, in defense and in movement work, helping you to take the hand with the main mechanics.

The controls shown below refer to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the FIFA 20 demo, in their respective default configurations.

Controls in motion

To move in the field you will have to use the left stick, tilting it in the direction you want to move. To take a shot you will need to hold R2 / RT + the direction of travel, while to protect the ball it will be necessary to hold L2 / LT + the direction. If you want to play a game first or stretch the ball, you will have to press R2 / RT + direction, but if you need to stop the ball you will have to press R2 / RT without direction. To stop the ball and turn towards the door, instead, you will have to press the left stick without direction + L1 / LB.

You can perform side dribbling with L1 / LB + the left stick, or alternatively a lateral dribble with positioning angle lock by pressing L1 / LB + R1 / RB + the left stick. If you want to do a slow dribble, just press L2 + R2 + the left stick in the desired direction.

Checks in attack

You can make a low pass / header with X / A, a high pass / cross / header with Quadrato / X, a filter pass with Triangolo / Y (press R1 / RB + Triangle / Y for the calibrated filter passage) and a shot / volley / header with Cerchio. To make a shot with the right timing, you have to press Circle / B + Circle / B at the right time.

To make a lob you will have to press L1 / LB + Cerchio / B, for the precision shot R1 / RB + Cerchio and for the low shot / crushed header L1 / LB + R1 / RB + Cerchio / B. As far as feints are concerned, it is possible to perform a fake shot with Circle / B then X / A + direction, and a fake pass with Square / X then X / A + direction.

Advanced attack controls

Moving on to advanced attack controls, it is possible to defend the ball with the physical by pressing L2 / LT. You can also follow a low level passage with R1 / RB + X, a soft passage with X / A + X / A, a soft filter passage with Triangolo / Y + Triangolo / Y, a high filter passage with L1 / LB + Triangle / Y, a high straining filter passage with L1 + R1 + Triangle and a high pass / cross passage with R1 / RB + Square / X.

If you want to perform a lob high / cross you have to press L1 / LB + Quadrato / X, while for a low cross Quadrato / X + Quadrato / X. You can activate the insertion of the player with L1 / LB and call support with R1 / RB. If instead, you want to make a veil, you must use the left analog lever (without direction) + R1 / RB (keeping it pressed). Don’t forget that you can cancel any action by pressing L2 / LT + R2 / RT.

If you love playing with style, you can make an elegant transition with L2 / LT + X / A, an elegant finish with L2 / LT + Circle and an elegant lob with L2 / LT + Square. You can let the ball run by holding R1 / RB + left stick (without the ball), raise the ball to kick on the fly by pressing the right stick and triangulate with L1 / LB + X / A.

Finally, if you need to give speed to the maneuver with the first touches, it will be possible to make the first touch by holding down R1 / RB + left stick (towards the ball) and perform the first touch with R1 / RB + right stick (keeping the direction).

Controls in defense

As for the controls in the defensive phase, it is possible to change players automatically with L1 / LB, and change players manually with the right stick (+ direction). You can push/tug the opponent with Circle / B, make a strong contrast by holding Circle / B and make a slip with Quadrato / X (to get up quickly after a slip, press Square again / X). If, on the other hand, you want to sweep the ball with a return from your middle court, you just need to press Circle / B.

It is possible to confront/hold the opponent by holding down L2 / LT or holding it by holding down X / A. If you need to contain your opponent with a mate, just hold R1 / RB. To counteract restarts and rapid maneuvers, you can face an opponent with L2 / LT + R2 / RT (hold) while running, or hold while chasing while holding Circle / B. To face the opponent who protects the ball, press L2 / LT + left stick (facing the player protecting the ball). Finally, to invoke the far defender you can let the goalkeeper come out by pressing Triangolo / Y and intercept the crosses with the goalkeeper by pressing Triangle / Y + Triangle / Y (hold down).