Fire Emblem: Three Houses, With the New Update Changes the Voice of Byleth

Fire Emblem: Three House

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has just updated to version 1.0.2, which in addition to some improvements of various kinds, has brought a significant change to the game since the voice of one of the protagonists has changed, namely the male version of Byleth.

The character dubber is in fact Chris Niosi , who however was at the center of some controversy in the last period, both because of an alleged violation of an NDA with Nintendo , which accused him of having revealed before the game to lend the voice to the character, precisely, both because of some accusations of sexual harassment addressed to him by various colleagues and friends.

A bad story in short, but the news was in the air for some time, since the same Nintendo had already replaced the actor in Fire Emblem Heroes, where his role was then entrusted to Zach Aguilar, who presumably will be contacted also in this case.

Instead, the update should not make any such changes, of course, to the Japanese version of the game. The title was particularly appreciated by both the press and critics. Fire Emblem Three Houses sold over 80% of the copies available in Japan, and it was the launch of a most prolific Fire Emblem ever in the United States.