Fortnite 10.30: The Novelties of the Creative Mode and Save the World


This morning, the 10.30 Fortnite update was released, a beautiful full-bodied update that brought several new features to Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale. Many changes have also arrived with regards to Creative Mode and Save the World: let’s see them in detail.

As for the Creative Mode, four new prefabs have been added, the theme of which is Heroes versus Evil. We will thus be able to build a diabolical refuge for criminals or the dwelling where a hero enjoys a well-deserved rest.

Other important additions concern class devices and vending machines: the former allows players to create custom classes, while with the latter it is possible to customize items that can be purchased based on the cost of the materials.

The legendary Bolt-Action Precision Rifle, the rare pistol, and the dazzling trap have also been added.

In Save the world begins the second part of the mission regarding Penny, which you find in the register of assignments, and we witness an important return: that of the Agent in the field Rio, who returns to the Event Shop with his Phasic Cannon. The other heroes that come into play are Ragnarok and Spadatempesta Gendarme.

As for the missions, the Pura Raindrop rewards have been increased starting from level 140, and in general, those of missions for four players starting from level 108, and several bugs have been fixed.

The user interface has also been improved and several defects and problems have been corrected, including the display of the hero at commander change, and the Traps Durability indicator which now shows the correct number.

Fixed some problems even with the weapons related to the graphic effects, and the steam breaker was updated, which now correctly applies the damage bonuses.

As always, we refer you to the official Patch Notes page to learn more about all the updates, while on our website you will also find all the news of the Royal Battle of Fortnite with the 10.30 update. What do you think?