Gamestop: It’s Endless Crisis. Another 200 Stores Will Close

Gamestop USA:

The world and the video game market have radically changed over the last few years, and one of the companies that have been most affected by this evolution is definitely GameStop. For the retail chain, it is a difficult period, started above all with the rise of digital.

More and more titles, in fact, are no longer even widespread in physical version, and the arrival of online platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store and many others, have represented an important competition that the company probably has not been able to face properly.

The company executives have also tried to make various counter-moves, including that of turning GameStop stores into something different, more focused on merchandising and in the future on eSports, rather than continuing to focus on the physical copy and used, less and less profitable.

However, this was not enough to stem the crisis, given that last month the news of the dismissal of several editors of GameInformer, the official magazine of the retail chain, is news, and bad news has arrived even in the last hours. In fact, it appears that GameStop intends to shut down 200 stores by the end of the year, and probably others will follow in the future.

In short, these are difficult times for the company, and we will see if these moves will serve to avoid further sacrifices in the future.