Google Stadia: Free Testable Service and Games Only After Launch

Launch and Price of Google Stadia: NPD Analysts Have Doubts

Although Google Stadia has not yet been launched, the Mountain Views leaders already have pretty clear ideas about the long-term support of their streaming gaming service. As we have already learned, the team is working on the implementation of features such as cross-progression and support for mods.

It’s not over yet: during the last episode of Stadiacast, John Justice – Head of Product of the Stadia project – reported that after the launch, users will be offered the opportunity to test the service and games for free: “Not only are we preparing the launch, but also thinking about what to do next, and after that. The free trials are one of the things at the top of the list, “ he explained. “We are working to understand the right timing and how to propose them, you can easily imagine how challenging it is to prepare for the launch. ” Justice added that it will be necessary to wait “a few months” in order to offer free testing of the features offered by the service and of the individual games in the catalog.

Google Stadia, we recall, will be launched during November, so it is very likely that we will have to wait until next year for the tests. The service, let’s remember, is not based on the Netflix model: the games, although usable in streaming, must be purchased individually. Those who decide to subscribe to Stadia Pro for 9.99 euros a month will get access to some exclusive features, such as 4K HDR quality, 60 FPS, 5.1 surround sound, free games (for the moment only Destiny is confirmed 2 The Collection) and exclusive discounts. Currently, it is possible to pre-order Google Stadia Founder’s Edition at a price of 129.00 euros, which offers a free three-month Stadia Pro package (and three to give to a friend, the Stadia Blu Notte controller, a Google Chromecast Ultra for streaming on TV and the Founder’s Gamertag).