How Long Does Borderlands 3? Some Advances From Those Who Have Already Completed It

Borderlands 3 Will Be The Biggest, Most Ambitious And Fun In The Series, Promises Gearbox

Borderlands 3 is now a reality: in two days the game will be firmly in our consoles and despite the late arrival of Borderlands 3 reviews, many are already looking forward to getting their hands on the announced Gearbox masterpiece. But a question is a must almost always in these cases: how long does the game last?

Two editors from IGN’s US division have already talked about it and have already completed the game, and told of their experience. One of them talks about over thirty hours to finish the campaign and most of the content about the story but states that he had to interrupt the exploration and the side quests to deliver the Borderlands 3 review in time, for of which there is certainly to be added some minutes to his count.

According to the editor, the difficulty of the game progressively increases, especially towards the end of the game, and the endgame is very fascinating, so the degree of longevity and replayability of Borderlands 3 really seems to be quite high.

The second editor instead shoots a little higher, setting the basic stopwatch for over forty hours needed to finish Borderlands 3, again specifying that he has not completed all the side quests or that he has explored all the unlockable areas.

In short, there is so much meat on the fire, and it seems that Borderlands 3 can be a game that will keep us glued to the screen for a really long time. You are ready?