Kingdom Hearts, beyond Re: Mind: Nomura suggests further news coming for the saga!

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A short distance from the release of the new Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind trailer, interesting information arrives for fans of the Heartland saga.

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Japanese version of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X, the director Tetsuya Nomura has in fact published a celebratory letter, in which we find some intriguing references to the future of the saga. After thanking the public for the support offered to the title, he announced that starting in October, four updates will be published regarding the Kingdom Hearts Union X quest stories. Two stories have already been completed and Nomura has offered a small preview through the images you can find below.

A very interesting paragraph follows this announcement: “Regarding the Kingdom Hearts situation, I ended the story of Re: Mind, as well as the two-story quests for Union X. What remains is to finish the remaining two-story quests. However, I received another mysterious request … Let’s just say this request includes a third unannounced storyline for Kingdom Hearts. Once the mysterious request is complete, I will finish the two remaining story quests. And when all this is completed, the three storylines … “ Following suspension points, Nomura comments with a mysterious” Very intriguing, isn’t it? “. What do you think?