Nioh 2: Sony Shows the Program of the Event With Video Gameplay From the Tokyo Game Show 2019


After announcing the dates, times and conferences that will be staged during the Tokyo Game Show 2019, Sony’s top management illustrate the rich program of the event dedicated to Nioh 2 which we will be able to attend in the fiery days of the Japanese videogame fair.

Based on the information shared by the editors of the official PlayStation social profiles, the TGS 2019 show dedicated entirely to the upcoming, highly anticipated soulslike of Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch from 11:20 am to 12:00 local Sunday 15 September. Here, the event will, therefore, take place from 04.20 am to 05.00 am on September 15th.

In the forty minutes of the Japanese show, the boys of Team Ninja will perform live with demos that, presumably, will illustrate the dynamics of the role, the combat system, the character editor and the challenges with the bosses of Nioh 2. Always in Concurrently with the event, we will also have to watch the publication of new gameplay videos, with closure dedicated to a question and answer session to which the Japanese developers will lend themselves to offer all the explanations of the case on the playful, narrative and graphic layout of their project.

Waiting to find out what the authors of Team Ninja have in store for us, we remind you that the soulslike Nioh 2 is destined to land exclusively on PlayStation 4 in a period between the end of 2019 and the much more likely first half of 2020.