Phil Spencer First Played on Xbox Scarlett

Project Scarlett Will Be the Last Microsoft Console? Phil Spencer's Answer

During the streaming event of Destiny 2 aired on the night of September 11th, Phil Spencer said he played for the first time on Xbox Scarlett, the new, highly anticipated next-gen console from Microsoft.

“I tried the first games on Project Scarlett this week,” are the words uttered by Phil Spencer during the last live streaming of Destiny 2, as reported by The Verge senior editor Tom Warren.

The head of the Xbox division, therefore, has tried first hand the first games on Project Scarlett, closely observing the potential offered by the new console next-gen of the house of Redmond. This confirms the desire of Phil Spencer to personally follow the development of the console, keeping faith with the company’s objectives.

As repeatedly stated by the same Spencer, frame rate and gameplay will be the main focus of Xbox Scarlett, in order to offer the best possible gaming experience for users. Another backbone of the console will be backward compatibility with games and peripherals, in which Microsoft will continue to invest with great conviction.

Speaking of hardware, the latest statements by The Coalition confirmed that Xbox Scarlett will be equipped with specific Ray Tracing cores, allowing developers to support this technology in their games.

While waiting to learn more about Xbox Scarlett, let’s remember that the debut of Microsoft’s new next-gen console is set for the Christmas holidays of 2020.