Pokemon Go: Guide to the Deoxys Raid in All Forms, Best Attackers and Moves

Pokemon Go

Thanks to the legendary September Raid time, Pokemon GO coaches can face the various forms of Deoxys in level 5 Raids. In this mini-guide, we will show you the best attacking Pokemon and the most effective moves to use to defeat them all.

Deoxys is available in four different forms: Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed. From 18:00 to 19:00 (GMT +2) on Wednesday 11 September, all forms of Deoxys will appear in the Pokemon GO level 5 Raids, allowing all coaches to confront and capture them. In order to succeed, it will be of fundamental importance to equip yourself to the best, in order to use the attacking Pokemon and the most effective moves. Let’s see what they are.

Best attackers and moves against all forms of Deoxys

The various forms of Deoxys are distinguished by the available skills, but they are united by the fact that they are all of the same type (Psycho). For this reason, the Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed ​​forms are vulnerable to the same elements: Dark, Beetle, Psycho, and Ghost.

Below we list the best attacking Pokemon and the best moves to use against all forms of Deoxys in level 5 Raids:

  • Tyranitar: Bite and Crunch
  • Mewtwo: Psycho Cut, Confusion and Shadow Ball
  • Gengar: Sbigoattacco, Sciagaro and Shadow Ball
  • Scizor: Cutlery and Scissor X
  • Houndoom: Urlorabbia, Sgraniccia, and Ripicca

As always, playing with other coaches will help you triumph in the Raids. Don’t forget to use the attacking Pokemon we have recommended. If you don’t have them available, try to deploy your best Dark, Beetle, Psychic and Ghost, creatures.