Star Ocean First Departure R Has a Launch Date on PS4 and Switch

Star Ocean

Square-Enix announced the official launch date of Star Ocean Firs Departure R, the remastered version of the remake of the first chapter of the famous JRPG franchise.

The remake in question was first published on PlayStation Portable in 2007 and is, therefore, preparing to land in a new look on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 5, 2019, both in Japan and in the West. In addition to a graphic modernization, Star Ocean First Departure R will bring with it a whole series of improvements and innovations that we are going to report to you below:

  • New dubbing – Players can choose between original PSP dubbing in English or Japanese, or select the cast of the original Super Famicon version in Japanese, previously available only in Japan;
  • New character illustrations – Players can select old illustrations of the PSP version or new ones designed by Katsumi Enami (Star Ocean The Last Hope);
  • Speed ​​Mode – Players can cross the map at double speed;
  • Balancing – The gameplay and the fights have been rebalanced to give players a more exciting experience.

Leaving the new trailer at the top of the news, we remind you that Star Ocean First Departure R will be released on PS4 and Switch on December 5th.