Tekken 7: The New Fighter Zafina Is Officially Available

Tekken 7

As promised a few days ago in conjunction with the publication of Tekken 7 ‘s Season Pass 3 announcement trailer, the beautiful Zafina’s is added to the already bodied roster of the beaten-up Bandai Namco.

For those who do not know who it is, the young woman is not a new fighter and has already made her appearance in other chapters of the series such as Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. A member of an ancient sect, Zafina is a warrior with spiritual powers and therefore does not base her fighting style on physical power alone, but also on her magical abilities.

The new character can be downloaded at no additional cost by all buyers of the Season Pass 3, while all those who wish to purchase this DLC individually can purchase it for about 6 euros on PlayStation Store, on Xbox Live, and on Steam. Within the season pass, you will not only find three new characters but also additional costumes with which you can customize every single wrestler in the game.

Before leaving you to the Zafina trailer, we remind you that the next character coming into the game is Leroy Smith, a martial arts expert with the color shown in the announcement trailer for the new season.