The Haven Pacifist Adventure Returns to Show Itself in a Tgs Video Gameplay


The boys of The Game Baker take advantage of the media showcase offered by the Tokyo Game Show 2019 to show us a new video game of Haven, their next “pacifist adventure” destined to land in 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Drawing on the enormous wealth of experience gained with the Furi project, the transalpine developers will project us onto a distant alien world to help a couple escape the horrors of their home planet with the hope of taming the elements of their new home and succeeding by doing so, to live a completely free existence.

As we can guess by scrolling through the gameplay scenes immortalized in the latest demo produced by The Game Baker, the playful system erected by the French team will leverage the users’ curiosity to build solid foundations represented by free-roaming missions and roster activities imbued with managerial elements.

The interpersonal dynamics between the two young lovebirds will evolve hand in hand with the challenges to be faced: for example, the combat system will draw heavily from eastern-style realistic action such as Persona or Ni No Kuni to give us the opportunity to gradually acquire new skills and techniques based on the concatenation of the attacks carried out by the alien creatures.