Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Four Types of Quests: Main, Secondary, Minor and “Street Story”


The Senior Quest Designer of Cyberpunk 2077, Philippe Weber, was recently the protagonist of an interview on the CD Projekt Red Forum: for the occasion, he shared several interesting information on what lies ahead in the game.

In particular, it is announced that within the universe built by the Polish software house we will be able to juggle four different types of missions. Here are the details shared by Weber:

  • Main quests / main missions: as easy to understand, they are the set of missions that involve the characters and the main themes and that we will necessarily have to face in order to complete the game. In the course of our adventure, having Cyberpunk 2077 a non-linear structure, we could however not run into all the main quests present;
  • Side quests / secondary missions: extremely varied, the latter can be both extremely short and wider than the main quest. They have been exploited by developers for various reasons, such as introducing particular themes or telling a particular community or place;
  • Minor quests / minor missions: they represent particularly short secondary missions, sometimes lasting only a few minutes. Nevertheless, Weber assures, these will be rich in meaning.
  • Street Story: compared to the hunting activities of particular monsters carried out by Geralt of Rivia, these are the “ daily bread ” of V. Bringing them to completion will allow your character to increase his “popularity” within Night City. To solve these particular quests, Weber underlines, players can resort to creative solutions.

We remind you that, just recently, the impact of secondary missions on the main plot was highlighted. Furthermore, on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show, an interesting behind the scenes of Cyberpunk 2077 was published.