Fallout 76 Welcomes Patch 13: New Map for Nuclear Winter and Many Other New Features

Fallout 76: Bethesda Is Still Planning to Support Mod

The post-launch support activities at Fallout 76 continue by the Bethesda team, which recently released a new dedicated update.

In fact, the game welcomed Patch 13, which brought with it several new features. As promised, among these we find new contents dedicated to Nuclear Winter. In fact, the mode includes a new map, called Morgantown and now available in-game. The Bethesda team informs us that the area is characterized by the presence of some of the highest peaks of the entire Appalachia, as well as urban environments. The environmental variety is accompanied by the presence of dangerous enemies, among which the Assaultrons, the Grafton Monster, and even radioactive scorpions are mentioned. To celebrate the new map, six were made available new ” Vault-Tec University ” theme rewards: players can unlock them for free, completing the challenges of Nuclear Winter.

Among the innovations introduced by the new update, we also find further elements:

  • Some events have been reclassified as ” Public Events “: the latter now enjoy some improvements, including the possibility of using the fast trip for free or additional details on the map;
  • Other changes: the team introduced in-game small backpacks and the Collector now boasts additional legendary weapons within his arsenal. The Vault 94 missions also offer more rewards in terms of PE;

Please note that Fallout 76 Patch 13 is currently available on both consoles and PCs.