Here Is the Gameplay by Yakuza like a Dragon, Nagoshi Explains the Reason for the Name

Yakuza 7

Good news for Yakuza fans, given that during the Tokyo Game Show came several new information and details on Yakuza Like a Dragon, the seventh main chapter of the series, which was also shown in an interesting gameplay video.

As we have told you, already yesterday the Japanese magazine Famitsu had anticipated some contents, like the minigames of Yakuza Like a Dragon that were then revealed in detail today by SEGA itself.

The first one in question is called Dragon Kart, and it is a racing game that takes place inside the streets of Yokohama. Onboard karts that can be modified and customized, you will have to compete against aggressive opponents to try to finish first. To do this you will also have access to upgrades, which will be possible to collect in the form of classic crates scattered throughout the route. Eliminate your opponents with missile and machine gunshots and much more, the victory will be yours.

The second minigame takes place within the Uminekoza Cinema, which shows a total of 10 films of various genres, from action to documentaries. During the film, however, Ichiban Kasuga will be drowsy, and a goat-headed humanoid will try to put him to sleep. Our task will be to reject his attacks by pressing the keys that appear on the screen as soon as possible, in what looks like a sort of rhythm game. If Ichiban’s force bar reaches zero, the character will fall asleep and the minigame will be considered lost.

The third minigame is the PachiSlot, an extremely popular game in Japan, which is possible to play at the Isezaki Ijincho and Kamurocho PIAs, Espace Nittaku and Maruhan, and are taken from really existing machines and game programs like Million God: Kamigami no Gaisen or Fist of the Blue Sky: Houyuu, for example, all reproduced by license.

But the news does not end there: first of all, a new trailer has been released, even if in Japanese, which in addition to some cutscenes also shows some clips of gameplay and the aforementioned minigames. An international trailer was also shown, lasting about 6 minutes, which introduces the game, the story, and the characters.

Finally, the same Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the saga, explained why in the West the game has a different title than Japan. It will be called Yakuza Like a Dragon, instead of continuing with the numbering of the series.

According to what has been stated, since the game is similar to the other chapters of the saga, but still very different, they thought of using a somewhat different name. That’s why the word “Like a Dragon” is even bigger than the Yakuza logo. It is part of the series and takes its inspiration, but it is also a different product.

What do you think of these new details? The game will be available in Japan on January 2020, and in Europe during 2020.