Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Olympics: a look at gameplay and mini-games

Mario and Sonic

While the actual Olympics lacks just under a year, given the opening ceremony scheduled for 24 July 2020, there will not be much to wait for the classic video game dedicated to the Olympic Games with Mario and Sonic, historical mascots of the videogame world.

In fact, the game will be released on November 8th exclusively on Nintendo Switch (the first of four games announced dedicated to Tokyo 2020 ) and on the occasion of the Tokyo Game ShowSega showed some of the gameplay of the title of the expected sport. In the video, we see for the first time in detail some new sports, such as martial arts or skateboarding, which almost seems like a racing game within the video game itself.

Attention then passes to the Classic 2D events, with retro graphics and a nod to the most nostalgic players, and finally, two of the mini-games that we will find within the title have been unveiled.

The first was a sort of old and dear “Hidden object” of the Enigmistica Week, a sort of local version of the classic ” Where’s Waldo? “, Where in the midst of a crowd of characters the player will have to find Toad. The second is somewhat reminiscent of the classic scrolling arcade shooters of the 80s, in which Mario is aboard a plane and has to shoot at the enemies that are in front of him.