Mario Kart Tour: unveiled the “Bonus Challenge” of Nintendo mobile racing

Mario Kart Tour on Mobile Systems: Invitations for Closed Beta Start

Nintendo’s next mobile title will be Mario Kart Tour, which will be ready to whiz around our Android and iOS devices starting September 25th. So when less than two weeks are left to release, Nintendo has decided to reveal one of the features of the game: the Bonus Challenge.

The official account of the game has in fact posted a video on Twitter showing the Glider Challenge. Basically, these are routes in which the player must use the hang glider supplied with his kart to reach the end of the track. We see two challenges in particular: one in which the player can only glide and try to recover through the classic green tubes that emerge from the ground and blow air upwards. The other, instead, takes place against the background of the well-known Rainbow Trail, and consists in passing through Checkpoints reachable only in flight.

In short, Mario Kart Tour seems to offer more than just standard races, so if you were looking for a different approach to the game, Nintendo’s new mobile game could be for you.