Nintendo Switch Lite: Day One Broken? the Console Already Sold in Some Stores

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Nintendo Switch Lite will arrive on September 20 in Europe, Japan, and North America, this is the date announced by the Kyoto company, however, it seems that some dealers in the United States have already started selling the console a few days in advance.

On ResetERA a topic was opened dedicated to the first sightings of Nintendo Switch Lite, as reported the console is already available in a Walmart store in Rockford, Georgia and it seems that other chain stores can start selling the console with a few days in advance. There are those who assure that they have seen Switch Lite for sale at other chains such as Best Buy and Target, however, the only certain testimony concerns the Walmart center mentioned above, which regularly sold the console to the author of the post.

As far as Europe and Italy are concerned, there are currently no reports of any kind regarding the eventual break of the Nintendo Switch Lite day one and therefore the confirmed release date remains that of September 20, in gray, yellow and blue at a price of 219.99 euros, slightly higher than the 199 dollars (excluding taxes) recommended in North America.