Nioh 2: The TGS 2019 Video Reveals the Soulslike Release Period Exclusively on PS4

Nioh 2


Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja take advantage of the media showcase offered by the Tokyo Game Show 2019 to make video gameplay of Nioh 2 that helps us fix the soulslike launch window exclusively on PlayStation 4.

In this new trailer, the fearless hero of Nioh 2 draws his katana to prepare himself to fight the demonids with this ambitious role-playing action which, according to what is revealed by the TGS 2019 trailer and the information sheet accompanying the publication, is intended for be marketed in Europe and North America during the first months of 2020 , strictly exclusive to PS4.

Always thanks to the new video that precedes the opening of the Japanese videogame festival, we are able to get acquainted with the new combat system that will base the progression of powers, equipment, and abilities on the meticulous search for the best tactics to adopt against the opponents on duty.

Another element that will outline the playful experience of Nioh 2 will then be the one that the other players will be able to give to our alter-ego in the course of the adventure, with an approach to multiplayer that will closely resemble that adopted by From Software with the Dark Souls trilogy (not forgetting Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne): the hero spirits played by other users will help us in battle until we reach the end of the level or until, of course, they are defeated.