Paladins Opens the Door to Total Cross-Play: Announced PS4 Support


Hi-Rez Studios has decided to expand Paladins cross-play support even on PlayStation 4, thus completing the work begun on the other platforms. To announce it was Evil Mojo Games, the division that develops the famous title, with the launch of a hilarious trailer.

The feature accompanies the arrival of the Pirate’s Treasure Update launched yesterday. At the moment, in any case, it is not possible to take advantage of cross-progression and cross-commerce (so you will not be able to share trophies and objectives or even items purchased on other platforms) but the developers are working to add these features in the near future.

Once the update is complete, Paladins players can clash and communicate from any platform including Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. Soon support will also follow for titles such as Realm Royale and Smite, although in this case a launch date has not been defined.

The situation of Paladins is exemplary, especially when other producers like Blizzard seem to hesitate, even if the last note concerning the debut of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch seems to open the doors to a future cross-play support for the hero shooter.