Pokemon Go Community Day in September: The Exclusive Move of the Event Revealed


The date of the September Pokemon GO Community is approaching and the Niantic team has decided to reveal new information about the event.

In particular, what will be the exclusive move of the next Community Day has finally been presented to the public: Radicalbero! This particular move can be learned on the occasion of the Torterra event, then Grass / Earth type Pokemon that represents the latest evolution of Turtwig. In order for your Torterra to learn this specific move, it will be necessary to evolve a Grotle over a limited period of time, including between the event and the two hours immediately following its conclusion. Are you satisfied with this announcement?

We take this opportunity to remind you that, as previously announced, the September Pokemon GO Community Day is scheduled for Sunday 15th. The event will start at 11:00 and end at 14:00 in the (GMT +2) Time Zone. Among the provided bonuses, a triple quantity of capture stardust and duration of baits set at three hours. The protagonist Pokemon of the event is Turtwig.

In closing, we also point out that the month of September welcomes further interesting initiatives. Recently, the second week of Ultrabonus in Pokemon GO has started, bringing with it many new features.