Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: tomorrow the event dedicated to the characters … elderly


Good news for those who still enjoy mashing their friends and CPU in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate together, given that Nintendo has every intention of continuing to support the much-loved brawler with Mario and several characters who have made the history of the videogame.

The Grande N has in fact just revealed that tomorrow a new event dedicated to the Spirits will start, which will have as protagonists the characters of video games a little old, the classic “old men” of video games. The list includes names such as Dr. Wily, Wily Capsule, Dr. Light, Garon, Karate Kong, Roy Campbell, Vince, Chef (Personal Trainer: Cooking), Old Man Lobber, Medeus, Jagen, Wrinkly Kong, Hsien, Yama, Olaf, Frillard, Wrys, Hongo, and Toadsworth.

The official name of the event is ” Experience before youth “, literally “The experience comes before the youth”, We will update you as soon as it is officially announced.

As usual, the expected duration is three days, so the event will be available tomorrow for the whole weekend. What do you think? Do you like this revenge of the sprightly old men?