The Announcement of the New Batman Video Game Will Come Soon, Promises WB Games

Batman Arkham Asylum

Roger Craig Smith, the voice actor who lent his voice to the Dark Knight in Batman Arkham Origins, came back to discuss the mysterious (but not too much) Batman video game that, according to rumors circulated online over the past few months, would be in development at WB Games Montreal.

Asked by his fans to reveal more information about this project, Smith sent a message on Twitter to jokingly point out that “I am super disappointed that I am not currently working on something that I cannot spoil to violate a non-disclosure agreement that I assure you, it doesn’t exist. And anyway, it wouldn’t have been a video game. 

The “non-declarations” of the dubber of the Batman of Arkham Origins have thus provoked the reaction , also amused, of the PR Community Manager of WB games, Gary Miereanu, with a twitter that clarifies how “your editors will surely thank you, but you I promise we’ll get the cat out of the bag in a reasonably short time . 

According to Miereanu, therefore, we will not have to wait much longer before discovering what lies behind the numerous rumors concerning the ambitious project of the new Batman video game. To want to listen to rumors, the next blockbuster by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment should be called Batman Court of Owls and offer a playful experience devoted to the free-roaming exploration of an open-world action dimension like the wonderful Batman Arkham series created by Rocksteady Studios.