There Is No Peace for Fallout 76: The Price of the New Refrigerator Triggers Fan Protests

Fallout 76

The latest update of Fallout 76 with the news on Nuclear Winter has also added several objects to the Atomic Shop, the store used for microtransactions through Atoms that can be purchased with real currency. One of these objects, the Refrigerator, has sparked yet another controversy over the prices of these in-game elements.

The new stainless steel chiller, in fact, is not a simple piece of furniture with merely aesthetic functions but offers in-game advantages represented by the possibility of reducing the deterioration of up to 15 objects between food and drink by 50%, thus unlocking the possibility of placing a total of 10 refrigerators through the CAMP system linked to the management and construction of the outposts. All of which can be obtained by users by spending the modest sum of 700 Atoms, corresponding to around 6 euros that clash with the price of the Fallout 4 expansions.

The discovery of the new Refrigerator and its high purchase price through the Atomic Store, as was to be expected, has exacerbated the tone of the clash between the community and the Bethesda developers due to the company’s policy on the Fallout 76 microtransactions. To further inflame the controversy we also think the members of Reddit who remember a response given by representatives of Bethesda to a user of the videogame forum portal to report the desire to introduce a refrigerator for the CAMP, without however offering further clarification on the modalities that would have been taken to add this object to the post-apocalyptic dimension of Fallout 76.

The refrigerator costs $7.00 and it’s a CAMP object. In comparison, Automatron, the FO4 add-on, costs $9.99. Bethesda believes a refrigerator is nearly as valuable as an add-on full of content. from fo76