Tokyo 2020: Intel and the Olympic Committee will bring export to Japan


Intel has announced a new partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Organizing Committee and a wide range of partners to ensure that the next Olympics are the most technological ever seen.

The Olympics will talk about 5G technology, VR and artificial intelligence, for an event that already stands as a milestone for the future of sports competition par excellence.

This is not the first time Intel has collaborated with the Olympic Committee: in 2018 the events organized alongside the PyeongChang Games were so successful that they led to this new partnership for 2020.

Continuing along this road, Intel, in collaboration with the Olympic Committee, officially unveiled the Intel World Open, an event linked to the export that will be played in June next year as a tournament officially recognized by the highest international sports body.

” After the great success of PyeongChang 2018, we are excited to work with Intel once again to bring the next era of technology to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games,” said Timo Lumme, CEO of marketing services and IOC TV. ” Our collaboration with Intel allows us to provide the best experiences and technologies to all the fans who participate in our events and to those who participate in events from around the world. “

In 2020, therefore, Intel will bring two titles appreciated all over the world and, of course, supported by endless communities: Street Fighter V and Rocket League. More than doubled the prize money instead: a total of 500,000 Dollars will wait for the athletes who will fly to Japan.

The official qualification for the Tokyo tournament, scheduled for June 22nd to 24th at Zepp DiverCity, will pass first of all through a selection made of online tournaments open to all at the beginning of 2020 and then continue in the frame of the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, in February. In June, therefore, the Rocket League teams that will advance in the tournament will be determined.

Live finals in Tokyo, on the occasion of the Olympics, will host fans in the Zepp DiverCity. In Street Fighter V, twelve nations will be selected by a committee to form a team made up of the four best gamers in their respective countries. Japan is already automatically qualified as a host nation.

It seems, in short, that there are signs of opening up of the highest international sports bodies towards competitive gaming, despite rumours of dissent and many discussions. We will see how the path of export will continue in the near future.