Ubisoft’s CEO and the “Open World Doctrine”: Henceforth, Linear Video Games Are Enough


During the last interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Yves Guillemot confirmed Ubisoft’s new open-world policy and dictated the company’s future line. From now, and over the next few years that will see the landing of the next-gen consoles, the French giant will say no more to linear video games.

Discussing the opportunities offered by the gaming industry in anticipation of the launch of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett , and the opening to new forms of digital entertainment represented by streaming services like Google Stadia and Project xCloud, Ubisoft’s managing director said he was certain of the fact that “the development of open-world games is perfectly sustainable, because the world is large and the number of users who can benefit from our titles is immense” .

“What we have seen in recent years is a steady growth of users playing our titles,” Guillemot underlines before reiterating the concept and affirming that “new markets are opening and today’s video games are much longer-lived and” alive “than as they once were, so for the moment we think we can continue on this path and increase our investments (on the open-world games, ed) because we know we could have an important return in the medium and long term “ .

All the major projects currently being developed by subsidiaries of Ubisoft, in fact, embrace this new policy: between the open-world experience badged Ubi that await us in the coming months, in fact, mention the shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the ‘ action sci-fi Watch Dogs Legion and the fantasy adventure Gods & Monsters.